Siela, meaning Soul, is the spiritual part of a person that is
believed to give life to the body, and is believed to live forever.


We are a family owned & operated winery in Southern California. Siela Winery was started in 2015, by Peter Strimaitis, who is currently the owner & winemaker.

Our belief is that great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, we only source fruit from the highest quality vineyards, which allows us to maintain an extremely minimalistic approach in the winery. Peter spends a lot of time evaluating vineyards and growers to select only the finest grapes for our wines. Our goal is to allow the fruit to “tell the story”. The story of the growing season, soil conditions, the terroir. Take a sip, close your eyes…if that story is told through taste and aroma, then we’ve done our job. After all, that is what makes wine such an altering experience!

We hope you enjoy our wines. Our latest wine releases can be found by clicking on Wines. Also, feel free to share your experience with our wines by contacting us here.